Excerpt From The Webinar “Secrets Of An Aligned Branding”

Note: The webinar is in French.

While it is intended for a specific audience, you may still find value in this webinar, whether you are interested in branding, digital communication, or marketing.


Visual Identity – your logotype is the key


You site web work for you, NOT the other way


Tips to help for maintaining a consistent branding


Melanie Sylla – sylladesign

In the realm of digital communication and marketing, understanding the customer journey is crucial. This refers to the path followed by a potential customer from initial awareness to the decision to purchase your product or service, encompassing interactions across various communication channels.

Effectively introducing your brand to this prospective customer at each touchpoint is of utmost importance. For instance, a customer who visits your website – after receiving your business card or conducting a Google search – is likely to validate their impressions by checking your Facebook page before making a purchase.


Skills: Branding, Web design 6 developement, digital marketing, project management, Video editing, training

Client: Melanie Sylla - sylladesign

Release Date: January 7, 2021


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