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I Love To Solve Problems.

With the digital revolution, it is a real tsunami that is sweeping down on our society.
In all areas (economic, social, political, etc.), digitalization is causing a change of paradigm.

Paradigm Change

There was a time when the customer asked for a service and the project was carried out and simply delivered on time and according to the contract in the best case.
This world is a thing of the past.
With digitalization, the customer is at the heart of the process.
When it comes to finding innovative solutions, centered on the human being, I use tools and approach like, design thinking, mind mapping and also, the various project management processes, whether with Agile methods or those of PMI (Project Management Institute).

Find The Solution

Puting toghether, creativity, skills, communication platforms and tools (websites, social networks, digital marketing, posters or flyers…) plus the data is the good way to find a solution for your problem.

The challenge ultimately remains the same.
Like a chef, you will have to research, analyze and choose the right ingredients; set up the right tools while ensuring that they work properly; bring to a simmer, watching that the dish takes well. And, of course, do not forget to serve all this well by ensuring the end customer’s satisfaction over time.

Bigger Than You

Whether it’s branding, web design and development or digital marketing, we work for you like a chef!


Ndaté Sylla,
Digital project manager – Problem solver
Certified associate in Project Management,
Father, husband, and citizen of a better world under construction.


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